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EFR Mission Statement

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EFR Mission Statement

Post by Kathyfrances on Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:39 pm

EFR Mission Statement

  • EFR is committed to providing a safe, friendly, warm, caring, and supportive group for its members, free of hate, discrimination, bullying, and drama. The most important part of EFR is its membership!
  • Creativity is fostered by encouraging members to try a wide variety of PSP Challenges and providing support when members show an interest in learning a new skill or trying new digital pursuits.
  • Participation/inclusion is encouraged for all members by providing activities for taggers and non-taggers by offering games, friendship (Front Porch Friends & Chit Chat Cafe), tagger & non-tagger challenges, tag offers/events, etc.
  • The well-being of all of our members is supported by prayer requests, keeping in touch (MIA & Missing Persons posts), chat box, newsletters & updates.
  • Artists are supported by our commitment to using copyright and adhering to TOU, as well as providing them with a platform to share & display their art work.
  • Group ownership is held by all members. Each member is encouraged to bring forth ideas & suggestions for the group, to actively participate in the implementation of ideas/activities, and to help with decision making by participating in polls/votes.

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