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EFR is a relaxed group of friends, taggers, snaggers, artists, & scrapkit designers who've come together to share their love of Paint Shop Pro! We offer challenges, tag offers, contests, special events, Bingo, games, FTU tubes by our resident artists, scrapkits, and most of all an online family who truly cares about each other. We do not have mandatory posting requirements - we hope you're active because you're having fun & enjoying the forum. Home to resident artists Bobbie & Marilyn Allen. Stop by and check us out, there isn't another PSP group like us anywhere on the web!


When Registering: Some Tips That Might Help...
1. When you try to register here, you may get the message that the username is already taken. Simply add a 1 to your username, and once you get in, you can change the username to whatever you want. Remember, if you change your username, the new one will be what you log in with.
2. If you have an account at another Forumotion group, you will still have to register at EFR. EFR is independent from every other Forumotion group, we are in no way connected.
3. If you get the message: "The e-mail address you supplied does not match the one listed for that username." it means you have typed it differently than you did the first time. Simply go back and enter it, being careful to type it exactly the same way as you do the first time.
4. If it won't let you register because you are over 200 years old, it is because you did not enter a valid date of birth. Enter your correct birth date & all should be fine.
5. If you register and can't log into the group right away, it is because I have to approve all new members. I will get to all new members within 24 hours at the latest.

Big hugs, Kathyfrances admin/owner
Feel free to visit our group blog, Escape From Reality Blog

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